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How to pay?

How to Pay if I dont have a Paypal account?

You can use all international credit/debit cards, No PayPal account is needed.
It's easy & take only 3 steps.

1. Once you check out and find the page "Pay with PayPal, just click on "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".

2. Enter your credit card data, address, email & phone number

3. Then Select "No, I don't want an account now"
Click on "Pay Now".

4. Finally, Thanks for your order.
DONE! your transaction is complete

Tip: Please use PC or iPad to operate.

If you have problems with payment, please contact us: servicase@gmail.com

The second way:

Contact us, we send the bill to your email, then open the PayPal link, according to the page operation, pay with credit card (support mobile phone or PC, iPad operation)